WINLYN LIMITED is a company limited by shares incorporates in November, 1991 with the CAC Abuja with registration No: 180.967. Its core operational thrust is in the area of engineering, maintenance, construction, contract services and international trade. With this background, the natural sector of choice is the oil/gas industry and it is noteworthy to state that we have been engaged in active service to the petroleum industry and have over the years gained a reputation for service delivery in;

  • Engineering services as; supply/installation of pumps, laboratory equipment/machinery, HVAC equipment/ facilities, fabrication of pipeline networks etc etc.


  • Plant maintenance services as installation of various valves, preventive maintenance on various pumps, fire fighting vehicles/equipment, chiller packages/central A/C units, sand blasting, retubing of heat exchanger tubes/bundles, glazing services, roof works etc etc.


  • Supply of highly technical spares/implements as electric motors, rotors, actuator/valves, instrument /pneumatics, controllers, transmitters power-safe units, circuit boards, compressors and spares, bearings, mechanical seals, gauges, filtration materials/ equipment etc.




  • Chippings
  • Cold Materials Services
  • edible Oil Sales
  • Wines Wholesales etc.


From the foregoing therefore, our Company WINLYN LIMITED       enjoys a wide range of experienced technocrats as well as the necessary financial muscle to meet clients needs speedily and in an effective and efficient manner. We bring to bear, our versatile business relationships around the world, on the door step of our clients thereby limiting their anxious time by timely and satisfactory project executions.



With the aim and purpose of total safety guide and the desire to attain a high degree of perfection in the area of safety in the work environment with relevance to any other human existence situation including home, was this CASHES manual designed.

Hence in this handbook issues addressed include; the need proposed processes and procedures for achieving these objectives and the question of sensitivity to the environment. This CASHES manual must be reviewed with all seriousness it deserves as ALL members of staff and management are expected to be very familiar with the contents and application thereof towards the realization of the set objectives which summarily say = SAFETY AT WORK.

Reference therefore must be made continuously to this before and in the process of work project execution either by the WINLYN LIMITED or any sub-contractor or suppliers or individual acting for and or on its behalf.

This is to say in any form of project in relation to WINLYN LIMITED this document remains “safety sovereign”. However if need be, considerations could be given if the CASHES policy of client states differently.

WINLYN LIMITED was established in 1991 as a civil, electrical, mechanical and construction, welding engineering firm, with the view of carrying out oil field maintenance activities. As we desire and strive to improve on the CASHES conditions at the work site, bringing work accidents to a zero-level, a number of measures are taken as to ensure this. As we welcome you to WINLYN LIMITED, we must emphasize from the beginning that the summary of our safety policy is “EITHER WORK SAFE, OR LEAVE THE WORK ALONE”.



In the effort of WINLYN LIMITED to uphold a sound CASHES Policy, the management shall be consistent in organizing regular CASHES meetings between its management, staff and sub-contractors as the case may be, hereby addressing and reviewing CASHES procedures and methods to ensure adherence and implementation.

As such, the CASHES Policy of WINLYN LIMITED relates to Community Affairs, Health and Safety of Workers, Preservation of the very environment where we operate and the security of human lives and property shall remain the principle pre-occupation of our production/construction activities.


  • CASHES shall remain our management responsibility.
  • CASHES education shall be made the love factor in our business.
  • Equal attention shall be give to CASHES as to any other business objective.
  • The cumulative plans/programme for CASHES shall be centered on.
  • Equipment integrity and effective hazard management systems.
  • Although all accidents are caused, they remain unacceptable and preventable.

The achievement of this policy is a collective responsibility. Everyone is responsible for all matters relating to community Affairs, his individual and colleagues health, safety, security and the prevention of the very environment where we operate.


Community Affairs Policy Statement

Our activities have always been carried out in alien environments. The inhabitants of these environments have always been our hosts. In our dealings with these communities, we recognize the following:

  1. That the environment is remote or alien;
  2. That the inhabitants shall be our hosts;
  • That the heterogeneous nature of our country presupposes heterogeneity in culture and behavioural patterns of groups and individuals. In which case, we are likely to meet hospitable or hostile people.
  1. As strangers and businessmen, we shall only resort to dialogue at all times and avoid every bit of confrontation.

Consequently, we shall resort (as usual) to the use of our trained and experienced personnel in mediating with the local communities so that our community relations shall only be spelt by establishing a healthy symbiotic relationship with the indigenes where we live and operate.

We shall therefore:

  • Use dialogue at all times;
  • Engage host communities in our project by offering employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labour to the best of our ability;
  • Respect the existing political and cultural institutions of the people;
  • Support cultural festivities and honour invitations;
  • Safeguard environmental orders likely to affect the live and welfare of the people;
  • Contribute our quota in supporting developmental activities.

Having fulfilled all that is required for communal peace between the company and the host community, the next naturally would be the provision of adequate Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff in accordance with the specific job being performed and the intent to eliminate or at least drastically reduce unsafe conditions on site, part of which is certainly of obtaining Permit-To-Work (PTW).

In order to instill a safety consciousness amongst our staff to the extent that they habitually think safety, the company shall engage its management and staff in current safety methods; this will be done through available self and corporate improvement training programmes.

“Either Work Safe Or Leave The Work Alone”

It is management’s thinking that the attainment of the above corporate state of mind, spiced up with a good dose of ‘esprit de corps’ will engender the desired safety awareness cum consciousness in the organization. Given the boss – subordinate relationship in the typical Nigerian work situation, it is our considered opinion that safety consciousness should originate from the apex of the organizations seen as the concern of some not-so-highly placed staff with the job title ‘Safety Officer’. Safety should be first imbibed by the chairman and Board then it can be effectively prosecuted down the line. Company safety policy therefore stipulates that staff and highly-placed members of the organization including members of the Board of Directors should be exposed to safety training programmes when available. In a nut shell our policy is to:

  1. Eliminate all forms of hazard – certainty of PTW
  2. Maintain and handle all plant, equipment and tool properly.
  • Provide the site with caution sign indicating; work in progress, restricted area, no smoking, maximum speed allowed, no road etc.
  1. Maintain a flag-max on site to ensure the observance of the sign.
  2. Investigate any accident to reveal all possible elements responsible in order to eliminate them immediately.
  3. Recognize excellence in safety and punish all attitudes capable to jeopardizing safety efforts of the organization.
  • Train ALL members of the organization (Director inclusive) on safety and its efficiency.



The purpose of the manual is to acquaint personnel of WINLYN LIMITED sub-contractors, suppliers with the methods of safe working, to enable them be aware of health and safety procedures in their everyday lives.

Without safe working habits, the company’s objectives and goods will be impaired due to injury, resulting in loss of man-power and even deaths.

As already state, the organization will update the knowledge of its personnel as well as acquaint them from time to time by way of organizing meetings and varied safety training programmes.

It is therefore a major policy of WINLYN LIMITED that work shall be carried out in a safe manner without injury to personnel, damage to equipment and the protection of the environment.


The Fundamentals:

Working Hours

Our standard here shall be an average 7 working hours per day. A one hour break period will also apply. Where overtime will be required, this will be limited to 2 working hours. For a period of one week, no one worker will be allowed overtime of more than 8 hours.



  1. Before deploying any worker for a project, he or she must be certified as being medically fit from our company retainer hospital; Kenor Clinics at No. 132 Aba/PH Road off Genesis Restaurants, Dr. Idigo, as the Medical Director.
  2. A retainership is maintained with the above mentioned hospital.
  • A qualified first-aider will be engaged for each of our work-sites.
  1. The company will always identify a hospital close to our work location, where the work location is outside PORT HARCOURT.
  2. For all our locations, adequate sanitary, proper accommodation, good portable water and feeding arrangements shall always be made.


Plans And Strategy

  1. All required resources in terms of equipment shall be made available at all times in all our work locations.
  2. A well trained first aider and dedicated safety officer shall always be available on our work sites.
  • An emergency Safety control group shall be constituted. This shall comprise of the Director, the project/operations manager and the safety supervisor, manager and the deputy, with the site safety officer and first aider as members.

Drug, Smoking And Alcohol Policy

We very well understand within our organization the adverse effects which drugs, alcohol and cigarette smoking could have on our work performance and more importantly on health conditions. As a measure to control the identified problem, the following policy will apply:

  1. Smoking is limited to restricted areas and not at all allowed when working.
  2. The illicit use of illegal drugs as well as possession or peddling is strictly forbidden and shall not be tolerated.
  • The use of liquor or any form of alcoholic beverage is totally unacceptable on work site.

This policy binds on our subcontractors and suppliers as well.

Access Control Policy

Although in WINLYN LIMITED a great premium is placed on community/public relations, such interactions do not pre-suppose an uncontrolled entrance into site, camps, offices and work sites. As part of our enhanced hazard management system, entrance into the said places by unauthorized person(s) is highly prohibited.


  • only well equipped company workers shall have free access into such areas
  • Passers-by are not allowed free access into work location and asset areas except a well signed written evidence of authorization is produced.
  • All visitors to the site camp must duly sign the VISTORS’ LOG BOOK at the security gate and shall only be asked by the SECURITY AGENTS to enter after necessary clarifications.
  • Necessary safety warning signs shall be clearly written and strategically positioned at site camps, offices and work locations on restricted entrance areas.
  • However, on no account must firearms be used on any person who may be engaged in protesting and/or demonstrating against the company.

CASHES Targets

The following shall be our company’s target for our activities in the year under review:

  1. There shall be no confrontation with indigenous community.
  2. There shall be no fatality resulting from our operation.
  • There shall be no lost time inquiry for accident in the course of our work during the year.
  1. No road traffic accident will be recorded.
  2. There shall be no water traffic accident.
  3. All our workers involved in water-borne operations must be certified swimmers.
  • No form of environmental pollution will occur in the year.
  • The safety officer, site supervisor, foreman and all other workers shall be trained in the basic fire fighting course.

In order to achieve the above targets, a set of well articulated programme and activities will need to be established and not just being put in place but will need to be strictly implemented with total support by management as well as participation by the work force. These and classifications of safety shall be highlighted on in the next chapter.

As earlier stated, WINLYN LIMITED is a CASHES conscious company and our policy remains “EITHER WORK SAFE OR LEAVE THE WORK ALONE”.

In order to ensure that this goal becomes a reality, the management shall on regular basis, organize and introduce staff to CASHES training programme making it not just their way of thinking but their way of living. And if this is achieved the company’s target of:

  1. No conflict with host community.
  2. No fatality resulting from our operations.

iii.    No lost time injury/accident in the course of our work during the year.

  1. No road traffic accident.
  2. No Marine cum water traffic accident.
  3. All our workers involved in water borne operations must be certified swimmers.

vii.   No air traffic accident.

viii.  No form of environmental pollution will occur in the year.

  1. The safety officers, safety supervisor, site supervisor and oil workers shall be trained in the basic fire fighting course.

Furthermore the management shall make it a point of duty to always update the company personnel skills and knowledge on safety awareness and measures and also make available trendy safety kits and gadgets as well as first aid training and information.

Hence it is possible to achieve our target with good planning and implementation.