WINLYN LIMITED, being a contractor service provider to the Nigerian Oil/Gas Industry, has handled various orders/projects and hereby shows evidence as fellows;

Annex No.   Description of Order   Order Source Supply Source Order Amount (N)
A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 OPC 9 Battery NICAD Battery OPC6 Battery OPC14 Battery OPC6 NNPC/PHRC NNPC/PHRC NNPC/PHRC NNPC/PHRC NNPC/PHRC Enersys, France    “             “    “            “    “            “      “            “  
A6 York Fan Motor NNPC/PHRC NuClimate, NY, USA  
A8 Carrier Evaporation Fan NNPC/PHRC “           “  
A9 Carrier Compressor NNPC/PHRC “            “  
A10 Carrier R/Top Condenser NNPC/PHRC “            “  
A11 Carrier Compressor Goddieva/PHRC “            “  
A12 Carrier Compressor Goddieva/PHRC “            “  
  A13 Regulating Disc Assy and Components   NNPC/PHRC “            “  
  A14   Oil Transfer Pump   NNPC/EPCL Anchor Pump UK  
A15 Weir Pump Spare Parts NNPC/PHRC ClydePumps, Glasgow  
A16 Bearing Bracket NNPC/PHRC Cooper, UK  
A17 Pressure Transmitter NNPC/EPCL Cavendish, UK  
A18 Propeller Fan Etc Mobile Producing Unlimited Carrier SA % Vanrullen, Belgium  
A19 Heavy Duty Battery NNPC/PHRC Local  
A20 Butterfly Valves NNPC/PHRC Local  
A21 Red Wing W. Shoes NNPC/PHRC National Oilwell, Varco, Belgium  
A22 Red Wing Men Shoes NNPC/PHRC “               “  
A23 Distillation Apparatus NNPC/PHRC Powertec, Italy  
A24 CO2 Refilling Machine & Accessories NNPC/EPCL Vulkan, Germany  
A25 Bag Filter Elements NNPC/EPCL Mikropul, UK  
A26 Safety Lamp Wolflite NNPC/PHC Wolflite, UK  
A27 Boiler Level Switch NNPC/PHRC Igema, Germany  
A28 Cloud + Pour Point Cryostart & Accessories NNPC/PHRC Stan Hope Seta/Mindex, UK  
A29 Thermometers & Hydrometers ETC PHRC/Cubig Koehler Instr. NY, USA  
A30 8” Carbon Steel Pipes NNPC/PHRC Local  
A31 Level Sensors/Switches NNPC/PHRC Temperature Controls, SA + IDEC UK  
A32 16” Butterfly Valves PHRC/Cubig Local  
A33 Butterfly Valves PHRC/Cubig Local  
A34 Filter Cartridge NNPC/PHRC Hatfield, TX, USA  
A35 Analyzer Controller NNPC/EPCL Siemens, UK  
A36 Maintenance Materials NAOC/AGIP Local  
A37 Stud Bolts & Nuts NNPC/PHRC Beck Prosper, UK  
A38 Atomizing Steam Diff Controller/Vlves NNPC/PHRC Instruments & Controls, France &  Dresser, SA  
A39 Optiflex 1300C Switch NNPC/PHRC Krone, SA  
A40 Main Change Over/Purge Outlet Valves NNPC/PHRC Tyco Valves & Controls, France  
A41 Purge Outlet Valve NNPC/PHRC “           “  
A42 Servicing of Okrika Jetty Foot Valves NNPC/PHRC Local  
A43 Fabrication of Burnt PMS Pipeline Network at Okrika Jetty NNPC/PHRC Local  
A44 Spares for PCV NNPC/PHRC Dresser, SA  
A45 Active + Reactive Power Transducers NNPC/PHRC Powertec, Italy  
A46 Limiter Assembly NNPC/PHRC Howden BC, France  
A47 Servicing of Okrika Jetty Foot Valves NNPC/PHRC Local  
A48 Switch Gear (11KVA) parts NNPC/PHRC Enerdis, France  
A49 ABB 670KW Induction Motor Ass’y NNPC/PHRC ABB, France  
A50 Supply/Installation of Split A/c’s at PPU PLC Room NNPC/PHRC Local  
A51 Nitrogen Booster Compressor Spares NNPC/PHRC Howden BC Comp., France  
A52 OPC 6 Battery NNPC/PHRC Enersys, France  
A53 OPC 6 Battery PHRC/Cubig “             “  
A54 ABB Squirrel Cage Electric Motor NNPC/PHRC ABB, France  
A55       A56 Cyclo Drive Speed Reducer Assembly       “                        “ NNPC/PHRC         “             “ Sumitomo Drive Tech/SM-Cyclo UK Ltd, UK “                “  
A57. Supply/Installation of Stand Alone A/cs & Split Units in PHRC Central Process Control Room NNPC/PHRC LG Nigeria (Local)  
A58. Journal Bearing MPNU Siemens, USA  
A59. Display Panel MPNU Emerson, USA  
A60. Milton Roy Pump EPCL Milton Roy, France  
A61 Level Transmitter Card EPCL Masoneilan, USA  
A62 Chemical Injection Pump NNPC/PHRC Milton Roy, France  
A63 Supply of Maintenance Materials NAOC LTD Local  

NOTE:       Each transaction contains:

  • Evidence of Source (OEM)    
  • Evidence of Payment (where payment is already received)
  • Evidence of Tax/VAT Deductions (where available)
  • Evidence of Goods Security Entry Permit
  • Above jobs (B1-B57) satisfactorily executed and paid, except for B4, B5 and B49, respectively, whose payments are awaited.





WINLYN LIMTED, being a going-concern has at all times, both orders being processed by the OEM (overseas Original Equipment Manufacturer), or consignments already received and payment is still outstanding. So also, consignments already produced and shipped but whose receipt is awaited.

At the time of this report, the following are in various stages of completion and/or order:-

Annex   Order Supply Order
No. Description of Order Source Source Amount (N)
B1 Supply of X50 Nos. ATB (Formerly Brook Crompton) 22KW Electric Motors NNPC/PHRC ATB/Crompton, Poland  
B2 Supply/Installation of X2 Nos, 45KW Carrier Semi Hermetic Compressors NNPC/PHRC Nuclimate Int’l, USA  
B3 Supply of 8 sets/ea of Metal (Journal) Bearings for Bruce Peebles Electric Motor (3300V) NNPC/PHRC Parsons Peebles Generation Ltd., Scotland, UK  
B4 Supply/Installation of X2 Units 82KW Chiller Package Roof Top at PPU Sub1 NNPC/PHRC Carrier, UK/CDS Refrigeration, UK  
B5. Supply/Installation of Stand Alone A/cs & Split Units in PHRC Central Process Control Room NNPC/PHRC LG Nigeria (Local)  
B6 Supply of OPC 10 & 9 Batteries NNPC/PHRC Enersys, France  
B7 Supply of Various Laboratory Standards NNPC/PHRC Mindex, UK  
B8. Supply/Installation of 1 No. Stand Alone & Split Units at Computer Room NNPC/PHRC LG (Nigeria), Local  


B1:   Order obtained and remittance to OEM being processed

B2:   Remittance made to OEM, Carrier, USA/Nuclimate, awaiting freight cost advice for final payment

B3:   Award process concluded awaiting LPO

B4:   Award process concluded awaiting Contract Execution

B5:   Award process concluded, awaiting Contract Execution

B6:   Award process concluded, awaiting LPO

B7:   Award process concluded, awaiting LPO

B8:   Award process concluded, awaiting Contract Execution.  



As earlier stated, WINLYN LIMITED is a CASHES conscious company and our policy remains “EITHER WORK SAFE OR LEAVE THE WORK ALONE”.

In order to ensure that this goal becomes a reality, the management shall on regular basis, organize and introduce staff to CASHES training programme making it not just their way of thinking but their way of living. And if this is achieved the company’s target of:

i.     No conflict with host community.

ii.    No fatality resulting from our operations.

iii.    No lost time injury/accident in the course of our work during the year.

iv.    No road traffic accident.

v.    No Marine cum water traffic accident.

vi.    All our workers involved in water borne operations must be certified swimmers.

vii.   No air traffic accident.

viii.  No form of environmental pollution will occur in the year.

ix.    The safety officers, safety supervisor, site supervisor and oil workers shall be trained in the basic fire fighting course.

Furthermore the management shall make it a point of duty to always update the company personnel skills and knowledge on safety awareness and measures and also make available trendy safety kits and gadgets as well as first aid training and information.

Hence it is possible to achieve our target with good planning and implementation.